You will learn how to hide your money when traveling

How to hide your money as best as possible while traveling? In one of these 7 secret money hiding places! For me it is a pleasure to travel. Traveling allows you to discover the world, nature is magnificent. Your life can change with travel. Travel is never without danger and sometimes incidents happen. You can be robbed, stolen, mistakenly forget your wallet in a taxi or your credit card. You should always have some change elsewhere with you and photocopies of your identity papers if you are travelling. I have been traveling the world for several years and have learned a few tips, tricks and tips on money stashes while traveling that I would like to share with you. Quick answer – the best cash stashes while traveling:

1. Travel Security Belt – Hidden Wallet for Better Security (Black), Anti-Theft Travel Belt

I recommend wearing a travel belt, as it is the best item in my opinion to carry your cash with you on vacation.

Going forward, you should have your cash closest to your body as well as different hiding places for cash. In case a cash stash is found, you do not immediately lose all your cash and notes.

  • The secret hiding place is inside the belt, it is a good protection for your money. You never worry about pickpockets. It’s the perfect travel wallet.

  • Easy access, this belt has a large pocket. You can fold your banknotes and simply hide them at the center of the belt in the hidden pocket.

  • This belt can be used regularly, it is solid and holds over time. The travel belt is made of high-quality nylon to ensure that it works for many years.

I have been using this belt wallet for over 7 years and it is definitely the best way to hide cash close to your body. My family likes it a lot too.

With it you can travel, exactly as you want, free from all stress.

Over my years of surveying, I have purchased a number of different belts and soon learned that there are many cheap copies out there. Honestly it is better to pay a little more but be sure to keep your money against pickpockets.

So I recommend this travel belt to you.

It is very accessible, solid and suitable for airports, it does not trigger metal detectors and you can put up to twenty banknotes. That’s a lot of hidden money for your trip.

This is definitely the best place to hide money.

It is a feeling of satisfaction to know that we carry our money in our secret hiding place. Thanks to this belt, you can travel with a lot of money even in Iran, Pakistan, Colombia or even in Southeast Asia. This travel belt is my alternative to the traditional one.

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2. Men’s underwear, anti-theft, secret pocket. (Black)

Men's underwear, anti-theft, secret pocket. (Black)

Here are boxer shorts (underwear) for men that have a large pocket inside to store valuables.

This is not the solution I recommend the most because having your money or passport there is not very practical, but this solution is surely very effective against pickpockets.

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3.Scarf with hidden pocket

Scarf with hidden pocket

For all male or female travelers this scarf with its hidden pocket is perhaps one of the best hiding places for money when traveling. The only problem is that you can very easily lose this scarf or even forget it in a restaurant or at your hotel. I think it can be a good hiding place in winter but it is not a viable solution in all seasons.

The best cash stashes for travel are the ones you worry about the least. Hide your money in a belt or in a leg wallet (see below) and you won’t have any worries, your money will be securely attached to your body.

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4. Secret Leg Pouch

Secret Leg Pouch

If you carry large amounts of cash on you, you may well hide it in this wallet on your leg. This hidden leg pocket is the best I’ve seen so far. It is a good possibility to hide your money while traveling.

However, if you overfill this pocket, it might get noticed. The other issue is that a leg wallet can be quite a hassle for a day trip, especially if you are traveling to a hot country. Prepare to have your leg covered in sweat!

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5. Money stash on the wrist – the wallet with zipper

Money stash on the wrist – the wallet with zipper

I particularly appreciate these little wrist pouches, they are real solutions for safe travel. You can carry cash, your keys, your papers. The only drawback is that it is not very discreet but very easy to access. You can easily take out your money in the metro or in a store to pay.

There are all kinds of wrist pouches, but some are much better.

When I was on vacation, I met a traveler who had made herself a wristlet with a piece of leather, it looked like a bracelet. Unfortunately, this one was not very big in size and she couldn’t hide a lot of money inside.

The principle of a cash stash is that it is a subtle place to hide your money from view.

The wrist wallets are practical for runners, jogger but also for a night in a festival, in the evening. On the other hand, you will not be able to hide large sums of money. It is a cheap solution to carry some cash.

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Trick :
Many wrist pouches can also be attached to the bottom of the leg. With long pants, your hiding place will be super discreet!

6.Waist Pack Bag for Running Hiking Travel Workout ,Walking Outdoors

Waist Pack Bag for Running Hiking Travel Workout ,Walking Outdoors
Waist Pack Bag for Running Hiking Travel Workout ,Walking Outdoors

The main advantage of a Waist Pack Bag over a seatbelt which is my top pick is that you can store your passport inside as well. When I am in the car, on the plane, or when I cross borders, I often use my fanny pack, since it is simple and accessible to access my passport, my credit cards, my hidden money and my important documents.

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I would never recommend walking around with a waist bag on the streets, bars, museums, or anywhere outside the airport or border!

If the crime rate is high in the area you want to travel to, a waist bag is safer than a simple wallet, but it is still better to choose another solution.

7. Hide money in your shoe


You can also just put your money inside your shoes! It’s a classic money stash, travelers have been applying it for decades.

This method may be a stereotype, but I think this trick can work. If you are not forced to remove your shoes, then there is almost no scenario in which you could lose your money.

The only problem is that your money will wear out faster and will smell like your feet. I don’t use it for fear of damaging my tickets and feeling uncomfortable.

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